Revitalize a fashion brand

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A fashion brand was driven by a passion for customer service 

Established in 2015, Yody has succeeded in building a solid retail foundation with more than 94 stores nationwide and customer-centric philosophy, which has spread like wildfire through the whole organization. With the aims to become one of top 10 fashion brands in Vietnam and step up to the Asia market, Yody trusted Rio as an one-stop branding agency. 
We go a hundred miles to fetch a new identity

Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of a sincere & caring brand, we believe that they need a better emotionally-connected brand strategy & identity to match. After partnering with Nielsen to carry out market research, we developed the rebrand strategy for Yody basing on comprehensive insight on the targeted provincial market in Vietnam. 
The fashion
of connection

We help them define the key product line together with core values and brand personalities, which all serve the single core purpose: The fashion of connection - The connection with ourselves (product experience) and with others (social needs). After going a hundred miles to fetch a new identity, we landed on a negative space logo to straightly communicate “the connection”. 
Appropriate rather than famous.
Suitable rather than notable. 

With the feature of targeted provincial markets, we hunt for a simplified but smart system to be flexibly used, adapted and perceived. Branding identity is reflected in all touch points in a cohesive visual system. 
For all merchandise, marketing and POP items, we not only design for the information delivery and brand communication but also solve the challenge of utility and practicality. 
Not just a store! 

Anchoring the brand values of “comfy - confident” and “casual - connect”, we embark on “The fashion house” concept for Yody retail chains. We were careful to flesh out the concept to foster brand recognition, deliver relaxing experience, enable social interaction whereas leave room for the adaptation and customization of different store sizes and places. 
How could we give them a facade design to standout wherever they are located? 
To complete the look, we cooperate with a fashion stylist to produce the lookbook of the new collection based on rebrand strategy. Transform the commercial into lifestyle by balancing clothing-focused and real-life feeling. 
Rebranding has driven yody's revenue growth by approximately 30% over the last six months

Client: Yody
Strategist: Dieu Huong
Art Director: Hieu Tran
Designer: Hieu, An, Thao, Bong
Showcase: Tuan La
PM: Nguyet Le