Build a vibrant brand for the young

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Logo
  • Graphic elements
  • Office decoration

Signing with VNPT to use its infrastructure, Itel is the first mobile virtual network operator in Vietnam providing flexible telecom services and stable quality at the most competitive cost. However, there seems to be no difference at all between their service and others. 

Formerly known as Indochina Telecom with no clear and authentic brand personalities, Itel came to us needing a deeper exploration of their brand potentials to stand out and captivate the emerging GenZ customers. We were happy to bring our expertise and great empathy for the young segment to the job. 
Get into the mind of Gen Z

Our first step is taking a deep dive into the characteristics of Gen Z, the first generation of true digital natives, who live an extremely fast life, change focus quickly with the attention scattered over plenty of ephemeral content. They may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do. Especially, they want to join not buy a brand. 
Don’t tell just show! 

“What kinds of people do you want to make friends with?” is used to kick-start ideation. Inspired by international brands who win the hearts and minds of the young, such as YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, Spotify, we realize that brands need to be realistic and genuine to gain their trust and love. Good wine needs no bush. The effort to attract them may be in vain. Catching trends to get in tune with them is not enough. Be smart, be quick-witted, be yourself. 
The “Tel” Slogan
Let’s play on words!

When it comes to GenZ customers, they want brands to be fun, authentic and creative. We tap into the psychology of unconventional idea likability to make a pun for Itel’s slogan. The slogan is crafted by exploiting the similar phonetic of “Tel” (A part of their brand name and industry identity) and “Theo” (means Follow in English) to make a statement about service quality and also deliver the brand spirit in a witty way. 
Brand identity is developed based on the concept “Get you moving”, pulling in a dose of inspiration, energy and evoking the temptation of exploration. We are careful to balance the prestige criteria of a telecom company. 
Concentrate all rays at a point to light up fire. 

We keep utilizing the idea of word playing in taglines to accentuate brand verbal identity and increase brand recognition. It is our way to build up authentic personalities for SMEs like Itel. Focus to light up fire. 
Create a brand that inspires from the internal.

From the brand identity, we design an inspiring working space for Itel, embedding brand values in many aspect of company cultures so that each member can feel and live with the brand spirit.
Client: Itel  
Strategist: DieuHuong
Art Director: Tuanla
Designers: Tuanla, PhyTran, MauDuc
Showcase: Tuanla, Hieutran
Project Manager: Manman